50+ Insanely Cool Gadgets Selling Out in the Last Month

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Get amazing discounts on these awesome gadgets that can make an awesome gift for anyone (even yourself)

We cover a lot of gadgets here at Trending Boom, and once a month we like to bring those of you who don’t follow every single one of our reviews a comprehensive look at the coolest, most life improving and just plain awesome gadgets we’ve discovered over the month.

We put together a list of the best of the best for you, and frankly for anyone else who’s looking. So if you’re trying to find a gift for one of those friends you just never know what to get or just looking for the latest coolest trends to be ahead of everyone else, you’ll love our list. There is something for everyone here and you’re sure to find something great for you or your friends and family.

And the best part, most of these items are only available online and still have ongoing discounts, for others we’ve even managed to get Trending Boom exclusive extensions on the sales just for you, our dear readers.So don’t hesitate, grab ‘em while they’re hot!

1. AudioHall Pro - Lightweight Stereo Earbuds With High Definition Music Reproduction

Untitled design (39)

✅High Definition Stereo Music Playback

✅Sound Surrounding Effect Premium Listening

✅High Fidelity Music Reproduction With No Distortion

✅Supports Phone Calls With Dual Built-in Microphones

✅Stable 5.0 Bluetooth Connection Long Distance

✅Fast Charging With Standard USB-C Connection

2. UltraWash Max - Multipurpose Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine With Turbine

Untitled design (38)

✅Effective Ultrasonic Portable Deep Cleaner

✅Designed To Be Completely Immersed In Water

✅Detaches Debris And Deeply Cleans Dishes, etc.

✅Double Action With Turbine Mechanical Water Splashing

✅Recommended For Dishes, Jewelries, Fabric, etc.

✅Safely Operated Via USB Power Supply No Mains Voltage

3. ShoeSterilizer Pro - Stop The Bad Smell And Bacteria

shoes dryer

✅Eliminate bad odors from shoes immediately

✅Dry shoes in an instant, thanks to heat dissipation technology

✅Restore the natural scent to the shoes by eliminating bacteria

✅Additional moisture removal process using heat

✅Healthy shoes to prevent fungus in the feet, etc.

✅Safe to use in leather shoes and sneakers

4. MedReminder - Automatic Pills Box Organizer And Reminder


✅Easy To Use Automatic Medicine Reminder

✅With Seven Days Modular Colored Containers

✅Precise Electronic Timer With Reminders

✅Modular Build With Easy To Clean Compartments

✅Portable Design With Anti-Sliding Containers

✅Works With A Common CR2032 Battery Cell

5. SkinBeautify Pro - Say Goodbye To Creams And Creases


✅Natural facial massage with anti-aging effect

✅High-tech treatment for facial skin with natural heat

✅New micro-vibration technology for skin relaxation

✅Immediate improvement in blood circulation, for healthier skin

✅Reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes with the use of 5 minutes a day

✅Easy to use, recommended for everyone, no restrictions

6. Wifi ExtraBoost - Extend Your WiFi Coverage

Wifi boost

✅Cover with a powerful signal for all corners in the area

✅Connect multiple devices without compromising bandwidth for each device

✅Increases powerful range for home, office, warehouses, restaurants, etc.

✅Reliable internet connection from multiple devices without delays

✅Better connectivity means better, uninterrupted streaming

✅Easy to connect and configure, works in the “insert and activate” method

7. PrintX Pro - Print Anything Anywhere With A Blink Of An Eye


✅Bring your digital memories to life

✅Print on stickers and plain labels

✅Thermal technology, without ink consumption, the ink will not run out

✅Completely fast and wireless connection

✅Printing on 58 mm wide labels

✅Compatibility with Apple iOS, Google Android and MS-Windows

8. JawMaster - The Famous Exerciser Tool

Jaw tool

✅Change your jaw line to a jaw line that instills confidence

✅Impressive improvement in the look of the face that you will love

✅Proven and fast results after a short time of use

✅Also used to repair jaw damage

✅Very lightweight and easy to use

✅Recommended for everyone, regardless of age and gender

9. CoverSafe Pro - A Lifeguard anti - bacteria

cover mask

✅Covers the nose and mouth and adjusts itself to the face naturally

✅You can easily put it on anywhere and feel free

✅Ergonomic design, materials that allow high airflow

✅Antiperspirants, for summer and winter

✅Very easy, wear it and forget about it

✅It can be washed and used again and again

10. Bit Watch - The Features Is Not the Only Thing That Will Surprise You

smart watch

✅Wear the “Swiss Army Knife” of smartwatches

✅Double hour display, for sports and business

✅Instant display of messages on the watch screen

✅Steps, calories, distance, heart rate and much more

✅IP68 waterproof and longer battery life

✅Compatible with Android and iOS devices

11. NoiseBudsX - Quality Headphones For Complete Silence


✅Immediately block all ambient noise

✅Concentrate easily on work or meditation

✅Protect your ears from loud noise at parties

✅Easily block noises from heavy machinery

✅Invisible headphones with a comfortable ergonomic fit

✅Easy to use for everyone, no restrictions

12. XPRO Drone - Feature-Rich 4K Drone That Gives You Value For Money

Xpro drone

✅Breathtaking quality videos and photos, with a skimmer with a 4K quality camera

✅GPS calibration with the ability to return at the touch of a button

✅Returns on its own When the battery level is low, you will never lose your glider

✅Prolonged flight time, declared flight duration up to 26 minutes

✅Active image stabilization with dedicated wind stabilization

✅Precise remote control with rechargeable battery

13. KneeWrap Pro - Knee Sleeve Is Easy To Relieve Pain By Applying Pressure

knee wrap

✅Lightweight sleeve, just put it on and forget about it

✅Pleasant and liberating pressure

✅Immediate relief of pain and discomfort when walking

✅Suitable for machine washing and reuse

✅High-quality fabric that repels sweat

✅Easy to use for everyone, no restrictions

14. Vacuumer Max - New Rechargeable Electric Pump For Vacuum Food Storage


✅Aspirate air from food packaging automatically, for healthy storage

✅Avoid spoiling food and related health consequences

✅Pump the air in an instant with the help of the powerful pump

✅Nozzle with a universal fit for pumping air from all types of packaging

✅Contains a rechargeable battery, for peace of mind

✅Safe to use by anyone, without restrictions

15. MuscleRelax Pro - The Best Sport Muscle Massage Gun To Relax Your Muscles


✅High-quality vibration device for muscle relaxation

✅Immediate improvement in blood circulation

✅End muscle pain, cramps, and spasms after training

✅With four levels of power that meet all needs

✅Completely compact and portable device

✅Battery with fast charging via USB-C, for wireless operation

16. LiveGuard Pro - Combines The Benefits Of A LED Light Bulb And 360-degree Security Camera


✅Instantly Monitor Your Environment, Room, Warehouse, etc.

✅Suitable For Monitoring Elder, Kids, Pets and Home Security

✅Recording Of Monitoring On Standard Micro SD Card

✅Live Stream Via The Included Application Support

✅Never Run Out Of Power Design Due To Mains Mounting

✅Normal Bulb Socket E27 Standard, Universal Fit

17. Eyebrow Master - Pencils For Demarcating Waterproof Eyebrows, High-Quality And Long-Lasting Shade

eyebrowmaster (3)

✅No need to wait to forget thin towels

✅Thin and delicate lines that are not visible

✅The shade will last for twelve hours, without worries

✅Soft and smooth brushes for perfect results

✅Four split ends, for quick and symmetrical application

✅Quality makeup pencils, waterproof and sweatproof

18. Easy WaxOff - Is The Safest And Easiest Way For You To Clean Your Ear Effectively


✅A device for removing ear wax easily and successfully

✅Can be controlled manually, gentle movement

✅A spiral with a manual rotation that reaches a safe depth

✅Spiral with soft head, to prevent accidents

✅Spiral cleaning heads are easy to clean by rinsing

✅Suitable for cleaning ears of all ages

19. uSmile Pro - Brightens Up Your Smile And Whitens Your Teeth!

white teeth

✅Toothbrush for deep cleaning at 360 ° with instant activation, at the touch of a button

✅High quality and durable antibacterial silicone, easy to clean

✅Cleaning technology using vibration and sound waves, for real results

✅Completely wireless and portable includes a battery

✅U-shaped silicone toothbrush with light treatment, patented technology

✅Easy to use for everyone, for quick and convenient brushing

20. BiteEraser - A Safe And Proven Solution To Infection Spreading Itching


✅Immediate treatment of mosquito bites without chemicals

✅Stop the itching and irritation in an instant

✅Safe to use for everyone, including children

✅Safe to use on all body parts

✅Dissolves the compound that mosquitoes inject with a bite

✅Safe to use for everyone, one-button operation

21. SnoreStop Plus - The Simplest Yet Most Effective Snore-Solution On The Market


✅Stop Snoring From The First Night

✅Just Put On The Wrist And It Starts

✅Initiate With Single Button Press

✅No Learning Curve, Just Put on And Use

✅Lightweight, Non-Invasive Wearable Technology

✅Automatic Power Off After 8 Hours

22. LiveTemp Pro - Monitor Your Body Temperature Easily

Temperature check

✅Contamination Free Infrared Body Thermometer

✅Learn Instantly Your Body Temperature

✅Fast Scan Time Just 1 Second Per Scan

✅Suitable For Everyone, Children and Adults

✅No Contraindications To Use Frequently

✅The Only Thermometer Needed At Home and Everywhere

23. GX SmartWatch - Keeping track of your health has never been easier

smart watch

✅Exclusive design and materials of excellent quality

✅IP68 standard watch, waterproof and dustproof

✅Seven monitors that can be adjusted for all events

✅Equipped with innovative functions for monitoring health indices

✅Long battery life with fast charging

✅Compatible with Android and iOS devices

24.Foamatic - The Next-Gen Contactless Tabletop Soap Dispenser You Need In Every Room

product (9)

✅Non-contact hygiene technology

✅Produces foam from any liquid soap

✅High hygiene for family and guests

✅Low power consumption (long battery life)

✅Well built and made of hard and durable material

✅Works with standard AA batteries

25. SmartSanitizer Pro - Be As Hygienic As Possible


✅Medical Grade UV Sanitizer Light

✅Automatic 6 Minutes Full Sanitizing Process

✅Safely Usable on Jewelries

✅Non-Abrasive UV Light Disinfection

✅Long Life Ultraviolet Bulbs

✅Service-Free Device

26. Roseal CuteBear - No longer have to decide between giving the loving gift of a soft toy or roses

bear rose

✅Impressive Quality and Color

✅Fantastic Gift for Girlfriend

✅Adorable Cute Design

✅Highly Appreciated Gift Worldwide

✅Long Life Time Resistant Materials

✅Made From More Than 200 Roses

27. BloodPressureX - might be the gadget to save your life

blood pressure

✅Large LCD Easy to Read

✅Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

✅One Button Operated Easy to Use

✅Year, Month, Date Function

✅Auto Power OFF Battery Saver

✅Powerful With 4 x AA Batteries Power

28. iWater Deluxe - automatic water-saving tap solution has arrived

water saver

✅Bi-Sensors Triggering

✅Effective Water Saving

✅Dual-Mode Water Flow

✅Compatible with All Taps

✅6 Months Battery Life With Single Charge

✅Safety Water Flow Cut Mechanism

29. Keyless PRO - The future of keyboards has arrived


✅Full-Size Keyboard

✅Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

✅A portable solution for neck pain

✅Activated by one button

✅Stable Bluetooth Connection

✅Built-in Battery

30. SpatialSound - Any surface can be used as a speaker with this head-turning product


✅Delivers 360 ° Surrounding Sound

✅Turn Any Surface Into a Speaker

✅Advanced EMS technology

✅Fully Portable with Built-in Battery

✅Stable Bluetooth Connection

✅Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

31. BarXStop - Control your dog's bad habits from a distance

dog stop barking

✅The device works in a very short time

✅Powerful supersonic waves that disturb dogs

✅Safe to use for humans

✅Is not harmful to animals at all

✅Activated by one button

✅Portable and easy to carry

32.TacticPhoneX - The world's most durable phone ever

banner (1)

✅IP68 Certified Waterproof

✅Robust Build Structure

✅Big Numbers on Keyboard and Display

✅Simple User Interface

✅3 x SIM Cards + Memory Card Support

✅Bluetooth and 2G Internet

33. Y-Bra - push up

push up

✅Comfortable Design

✅Push-Up Effect

✅Sticky Natural Silicone

✅Invisible Nude Color

✅Simple to Wear

✅Ergonomic Shape

34. Moskitron LED - The best way to keep pests away


✅Up to 100 Sq Meters Indoor/Outdoor Coverage

✅Bionic Technology Led Light

✅Powerful Fan Will Trap Mosquitoes

✅Low Power Consumption

✅No Radiation, Non-Toxic

✅Easy to Use, USB Powered Device

35. HomePolice24 - Is The Door Sensor Your Home Needs, Making It A Safer Place

Untitled design (45)

✅Easy to Install and Configure

✅Reliable Open/Close Detection Of Doors, Windows, Cabinets & Drawers

✅Fast Instant Alerts To Your Phone Anywhere You Are

✅24/7 Security Sensor Monitoring With No Monthly Fee

✅Smart & Secure: Protect Your Home and Kids

✅Makes Your Home Intelligent

36. MoskiX Band - Is The Leading Insect Repellent Band


✅UltraSonic Frequency Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

✅Effectively Protects You From Mosquito Bites

✅Non Toxic, Unobstrusive SoundWave Barrier Principle

✅Smaller Than a Watch, Easy to Use & Stylish

✅Great Gift For Home Owners, Campers, or Walkers

✅Suitable For Babies, Pregnant Women, Kids, Elderly, And Pets

37. SilentSnore - The Incredible Snore Reduction Aid


✅Safe, convenient and reusable.

✅Helps solve snoring problems effectively

✅Suitable for all types of nostrils.

✅Easy to use and easy to clean

✅Made from 100% eco-friendly silicone gel

✅Helps open the nasal canal

38. ActiV8 Fitness Tracker - Could a Fitness Tracker Boost You Life Quality?

tracker watch

✅Heart rate sensor, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation

✅Full Color Screen

✅Notifications about messages and calls

✅IP67 Waterproof Design

✅Sleep Quality Tracking & Sedentary Reminder

✅Easy USB charging

39. WIFI UltraBoost - allow you to enjoy the perfect signal from anywhere

wifi boost

✅Connect anywhere and anywhere in your home

✅Prevents connectivity issues in dead zones

✅Easy and quick installation

✅Forget about slow internet

✅Faster downloads

✅Produces a stronger and more reliable connection

40. IOnic Spa Shower - high powered system that leaves a lasting impression

shower head

✅Spa Shower Experience From Your Home. Envelops You in Warm Steam and Spray

✅Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, Attach to Any Standard Shower

✅Eco-Friendly, Laser-Cut Water Holes Resulting in Luxurious High Pressure Water Saving

✅Ionic Mineral Bio Stones. Purifies, Filters, and Softens Water for a Smooth Skin

✅Solid & Beautiful Design. Looks as Good as it Feels

✅Ion Mineral Reduce Fatigue, Eliminates Flaky Skin, Improves Hydration & Cell Regeneration

41. Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet - does more for your money, with plenty of additional features you'll love!

product (11)

✅Never leave your phone or wallet behind: Two Way Alert system

✅Locate My Wallet function tracks the last known position of your belonging

✅Remote Photographing, Voice Record and RFID Blocking security

✅Extra-Long Battery Life: 1 Month of use on a single charge

✅Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet makes your life more intelligent and more convenient

✅Elegant and extremely lightweight with enough room to store all your cards and cash

42. StableCAM PRO - for festivals, events and everyday fun


✅3 Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

✅Create beautiful and stable Cinematic Videos for iPhone, Android and other smartphones.

✅Lightweight design, Easy-to-use with one hand

✅Intelligent Tracking: automatically recognises, follows and captures

✅Advanced shooting techniques: Shoot Photos, Smooth Time-Lapses, and Panoramas

✅Built-in power bank, Charge Phone via USB While Shooting

43. AndroidTV - Stream your favourite shows

Untitled design (47)

✅High Performance Quad Core CPU

✅Support Ultra High Definition 4K Videos

✅Play the latest Android Games with Family and Friends

✅New Android 7.1 Operating System

✅Compact Design, Small and Easy to carry. Enjoy at Work, Home, etc.

✅Watch YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Browse the Web from your TV

44. HomeNETIX - a smart remote control that everyone is talking about


✅Make your home and life smarter and more convenient with HomeNETIX

✅Turns your basic home appliances into smart devices with this simple universal system

✅Control your home anywhere, anytime through the app. IOS, Android and Alexa

✅Support all home appliances such as TV, TV box, air condition, DVD, etc…

✅One button scene setting, personalised preset mode (sleep, away, romance, pet, etc)

✅Easy Configuration. Connect to the WiFi and SmartPhone, no gateway needed

45. HealthWatch - Is The Industry's Best For Getting Into Shape


✅Heart rate sensor, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation

✅The smartwatch system connects to iOS and Android

✅Exercise monitoring (steps, calories, distance)

✅Stylish and waterproof design with an IP67 mark

✅Great health app for free smartphone

✅Notifications about messages and calls

46. T-Watch - Will Change The Way You Look At Watches


✅Carbon coating with diamond-like durability

✅The smartwatch system connects to iOS and Android

✅Monitoring activity throughout the day (steps, calories, distance, etc.)

✅Dust and water resistant up to 5 atmospheres, shock resistant, IP67 durability mark

✅Battery life of 33 months

✅Notifications about messages and calls

47. DroneX Pro - precision engineered to provide simple flying and high-quality action shots

drone xpro

✅Accurate flight technology with good performance

✅Camera with extra wide angle

✅See the world and take pictures like professionals

✅Control with precise adjustment at your fingertips

✅3 speed modes

✅Mobile, you can carry it with you on any trip

48. LightSafeX - Multi-Function, More Than Just Lighting

Untitled design (49)

✅Solar-powered – never runs out of batteries

✅Bright light with flash and emergency modes

✅Power bank for charging phones

✅Red SOS and strobe modes

✅Magnet mount – always handy

✅Seat belt cutter/slicer for roadside emergencies

49. ClearView - Night Vision Glasses With A Difference


✅Safer driving at night – low cost!

✅Blue light filtering. Prevents glare at night

✅Clear vision at night and in bad weather

✅Can be worn alone or over glasses

✅Improves visibility, depth perception and reduces glare

✅An easy-to-use tool for driving at night

50. Smart Fitness - Wearable workout equipment for a stronger and Shaped body


✅Developed in collaboration with professional athletes

✅Advanced EMS technology

✅15 adjustable intensities

✅Frequency: 25Hz ± 10 %%

✅Automatic programs: muscle, massage, and acupuncture

✅50% off

51. RealAction Pro - Versatile High Frame Rate Action Camera With 4K Support


✅Professional Stable Action Video Recording

✅With Full Range Color Sensor 4K Camera

✅High Speed Processor 60 FPS @ Full HD

✅With Built-in WiFi Module For Live Mode

✅Small Form Factor And Lightweight Setup

✅Suitable For All Kind of Sport Activities

52. ShowerTime Max - A smartphone holder for a shower for hanging on a wall, without the need for drilling


✅Easy to hang using a snap-on accessory, without the need for drilling

✅Touch penetration technology for precise use of the touch screen 

✅Completely waterproof and safe for all types of smartphones

✅A cover layer that gives a clear view and prevents “fog” from water vapor

✅Easy to attach to all glossy surfaces in the bathroom

✅Designed to fit smartphones of all sizes

53. BackXPack - Advanced smart backpack, waterproof and with a mechanism to prevent theft


✅Ergonomic design that is comfortable and adjustable

✅Versatile, for carrying a laptop, tablet, groceries and more

✅Several internal sections for convenient arrangement

✅A special water-repellent fabric

✅A lightweight multi-purpose backpack that is easy to carry

✅You can choose from five exclusive colors

54. SmartRelief Pro - The Neck Massager That’s Saving Users A Lot of Massage Therapy Expenses


✅A sense of calm from the first use

✅Agronomic adjustment for maximum comfort

✅Delicate arms

✅Several different massage modes to choose from

✅Several massage intensities vary to choose from

✅Includes rechargeable batteries for your peace of mind

55. Vibes XWatch - A new smartwatch from 2020 with an advanced design, a great companion for adventures

vibes-xwatch (24)

✅Exclusive smartwatch, a great companion for adventure

✅Sports design with shock-absorbing technology

✅Activity and sleep monitoring with multiple sensors

✅Contains functions for monitoring all health indicators

✅Ultra bright IPS monitor with motion detection

✅Compatibility for Android and iOS devices

56. TotalTrim Pro - A new and versatile cordless electric hair clipper and trimmer

totaltrimm-pro (6)

✅Wireless haircut machine, useful and easy to use

✅Multi-purpose combs for changing hair length

✅An effective and hassle-free beard cut, no matter what the density of your hair

✅Stainless steel mechanism with sharp blades, for easy cutting

✅Non-rusting blades with minimal friction, including lubricant

✅Easy to use and portable, with rechargeable battery

57. ScratchUndo Pro - A neutral colored pen for removing scratches from cars


✅Remove scratches from the car paint immediately

✅Effective paint-free pen removal

✅Fast and proven results already in the first use

✅Suitable for all types of colors and all shades

✅Easy and safe to use and restores shine to color

✅Safe to use on all types of surfaces, plastic or metal

58. LucidShield - Transparent and lightweight face shield, dustproof, protects against fog and flakes


✅Protective with nose and mouth cover and comfortable fit

✅You can easily put it on anywhere and feel free

✅Ergonomic design with high airflow

✅Materials that protect against fog, suitable even for winter

✅Very light and comfortable, wear it and forget about it

✅Easy to clean and reusable, use it as much as you want

59. VapeSan Pro - New portable alcohol disinfectant hand-operated alcohol spray

vapesan-pro (1)

✅Safe hand disinfection with movement by movement

✅Quick and effective hand sanitizer with alcohol spray

✅Perfect for children and adults, easy to use

✅It is easy to place at the entrance to the house, office, etc.

✅Two operating methods, continuous or intermittent

✅With rechargeable battery, fully portable

60. CorrectBack - Lightweight back stabilizer with adjustable buckles


✅Lightweight materials, just install it and forget about it

✅Immediate relief of back pain that is the result of poor posture

✅Immediate relief of back pain and discomfort

✅Suitable for machine washing and reuse

✅High-quality fabric that repels sweat

✅Easy to use for everyone, no restrictions

61. PetHydro Max - Easy and portable water dispenser for our friends with four legs


✅You will never be stuck without water again

✅Healthy lifestyle support for your pet

✅Dehydration is one of the most common problems

✅It can be carried in a handbag easily, the water will not leak

✅High-quality materials, quality plastic suitable for food

✅Easy to use for everyone, no restrictions

62. SelfCam Pro - Lightweight portable selfie stick with telescopic extension


✅Portable professional selfie stick

✅Lightweight aluminum body, for easy mobility

✅A stable selfie lengthens in an instant

✅Tripod for independent photography

✅Rust-resistant body with stable backrest

✅Safe grip for smartphones of all sizes

63. VeggieMaster - Saves you up to 50% of your cooking time

veggiemaster (7)

✅Maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of convenient vegetable choppers

✅Add healthy vegetables to your food whenever you want

✅Suitable for all vegetables that are difficult to chop, like garlic

✅Easy to use for everyone

✅Safe and convenient multi-purpose device

✅Stainless steel blade, for peace of mind

64. Handsan Wrist - Portable On-The-Go Sanitizer That Makes Staying Safe Easier!

Image (4)

✅Immediate access to a hand sanitizer while you are on the go

✅Take your hand sanitizer with you everywhere

✅For easy carrying on the wrist, easy to use

✅High quality silicone for prolonged use

✅Easy filling and closing system that prevents leakage

✅Suitable for everyone, without restrictions

65. HairRevit Pro - regrowth product that makes hair loss a thing of the past

HairRevit Pro (1)

✅Using for only 10 minutes a day results in a visible improvement

✅Stopping hair loss and hair growth is proven in men and women

✅650nm wavelength laser technology at low power has been shown to revive hair follicles

✅Control of milk production on the scalp, thanks to red light technology

✅Healthier hair and scalp, for a micro-environment ideal for hair regrowth

✅Easy to use and portable, with a rechargeable battery

66. CoolFeel Max - A revolutionary gadget to turn a hot day into a cool one

coolfeel (3)

✅New technology for instant air cooling

✅Fully portable and lightweight, designed for hanging around the neck

✅Ventilation technology without blades, without risks

✅Many hours of work thanks to a lithium battery

✅Works in any environment and at any temperature

✅Fast charging with standard micro USB cable

67. Protector Pitch - Lightweight alarm for self-defense with a sound that everyone will notice


✅Immediate self-defense, with a loud sound heard in the distance

✅Easy to carry, with an inconspicuous keychain, with warranty

✅Pulling on the keychain’s pin activates the alarm

✅The device is made of durable material, and will not break after a fall

✅Long battery life, you will not have to replace the battery for a long time

✅Includes standard LR44x3 batteries, ready to use

68. ProperFocus - Will Give You Your Vision Back


✅Instant adjustment for each eye individually

✅Accurate correction using real user feedback

✅Easy reading with maximum sharpness

✅Easy-to-clean glasses and fingerprint immunity

✅Polycarbonate lenses for maximum sharpness and resistance

✅Simplicity of use that suits everyone, adjustment and locking location easily

69. Explore AIR - most advanced remote control drone available

dronexplus (3)

✅Advanced Stability With Dedicated Processor Unit

✅Ultra-Wide Angle Camera 120° For Breathtaking Images

✅Follow Me and Many New Gesture Functions

✅Easy to Use Remote Controller For Excellent Flight Precision

✅Quality Build Structure With Shock-Proof Technology

✅Long Flight Time Rated 12-15 Minutes With One single Charge

70. AirMoisturize Max - The simplest way of getting clean air wherever you go

product (1)

✅Up to 10 Hours of Continuous Mode Working

✅Compatible, Just Plug On Any USB Power Supply

✅Healthy Humidifier For The Whole Family

✅Portable Easy To Carry Everywhere

✅Easy To Operate Just One Button Start

✅Two operating methods, continuous or intermittent

71. PureAir Max - New Air Purifier Bag For Purifying Living Environment


✅Improve Instantly The Environment Air Quality

✅Odorless Technology Better Purification

✅Real Purifying Without Just Masking

✅Suitable Everywhere, Home, Office, Car, etc.

✅Non-Toxic, No Chemicals, Perfume Free

✅Safe To Use Around Everyone, no Allergens

72. GermCide X - easy to use system that kills bacteria before it can do any harm

UV Light Mini Sanitizer Travel Wand UV Light Without Chemicals for Hotel Household Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area (6)

✅Portable and Easy to Use Germs Killer

✅Medical Grade UV Light Multipurpose Sanitizer

✅Suitable for Sanitizing All Surfaces

✅Automatic Switch-Off If Light Faces Upward (Eyes Protector)

✅Recommended Worldwide as Best Sanitizing Method

✅Works With Standard AAA Batteries

73. WildSurvive Pro - Water Resistant Survival Kit for Outdoor Survival and Sports Activities


✅All in One Kit Everything Needed

✅Emergency Tools Easy Access

✅Proven and Tested Survival Kit

✅Waterproof Tools All Weather

✅Long Service Life Materials

✅Military Grade Steel Used

74. RadiationStopper Pro - Advanced Quantum Technology Shielding From Harmful Radiations

Untitled design (32)

✅Effective Just Put and Forget Sticker

✅May Prevent Headaches from Radiation

✅May Improve Normal Night Time Sleep

✅Use on all devices, Smartphone, Tablet, TV

✅Safe to Use in All Environments

✅Not Serviceable, Just Stick and Works

75. TVShareMax - HD mirroring no more squinting at your phone screen

Untitled design (33)

✅HD image sharpness

✅Share to any TV screen or monitor

✅Easy to use, simple installation

✅Small and portable everywhere

✅Settings screen and explanation in initial installation

✅Suitable for Windows, Android and iOS

76. Snore Strap - Latest Successful Development in Non-Invasive Anti-Snoring Technology


✅Provides Comfortable, Effective Way to Stop Snoring

✅Helps You and Your Partner to Have a Better Sleep

✅Wake up Refreshed Without Fatigue

✅Designed for Easy Daily Use

✅Supports with Jaw Dislocation Problem

✅Safe and Comfortable, High-Quality Materials

77. Winergy - The world’s most convenient wireless phone charger has arrived!


✅10w Powerful Charger

✅Smart Light When Battery Full

✅Qi Technology Compatible Charger

✅Lightweight & Portable

✅Standard Micro-USB Connection

✅Android & iOS Compatible

78. UV Cleanizer Zoom - The smartest way of keeping your home hygienic

product (2)

✅Smart Automatic Movements

✅99.99% UV Sterilization

✅Dual Mode – Robotic and Manual

✅High Power Rechargeable Battery

✅Lightweight Easy to Handle

✅Fast car charger

79. ZenMind XP - Relax your eyes with a soothing massage

Untitled design (34)

✅Ergonomic Design

✅4 Relaxation Programs

✅Fully Automatic Mode

✅Intelligent Induce Sleep Mode

✅Activated by one button

✅4 universal faucet connectors

80. ActivBeat 2.0 - You have to wear them to believe the sound quality

activbeat2 (8)

✅Active Noise Cancellation

✅Immersive Surrounding Stereo Sound

✅High-End Bass From 57mm Speakers

✅No Sweating, Breathing Design

✅650 Hours Smart Standby

✅Type-C USB Charging Port

81. MemorySafeX - Never lose your photos and videos again

Untitled design (35)

✅Instantly Backup Your Photos & Videos

✅Easy to Use – Plug & Play

✅Back Up Directly From Your Phone

✅Large Capacity 64GB – 64,000 Photos

✅iOS & Android Friendly

✅Safe & Secure Transfer

82. WaterBOOM 360 - Take Music With You Everywhere

✅WaterProof For Use in Shower & Holidays

✅Advanced HD Sound With Extended 6h Battery Life

✅Accept Phone Calls

✅Stable Bluetooth Connection

✅Your True Portable Music Buddy

✅Android & iOS Compatible

83. SleepLab- revolutionary product that will change the way you sleep forever

✅Smart Detect When Stimulation is Needed

✅EMS Anti-Snoring Device

✅Simple Magnetic Attachment

✅One Power On Key and Go

✅Lightweight, Non Invasive

✅Android & iOS Compatible App

84. SoundPRO Sport - Headphones That Will Make Running Enjoyable

✅Great Wireless Sound Quality, HiFi Bass Stereo

✅Engineered For Sports & Active Lifestyle

✅Based On Ergonomic Human Design

✅Waterproof, Sweat-Proof & Skin Friendly

✅12 Hours Long Battery Life

✅Built In Microphone For Handsfree Call

85. ErgoRelax - That Will Give You A Great Sleep

✅Perfect Choice for Frequent Travelers & Commuters

✅Newly Ergonomic Patent, Support Neck & Back

✅Helps Release Fatigue & Stress

✅Easy to Inflate & Deflate

✅Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic Material

✅Safe & Durable Design

86. SmokeSOS - smoke detector is a product you can trust

✅Your House & Family Protection Has No Price

✅State-Of-The-Art Photoelectric Sensor

✅10 Years Of 24/7 Protection Battery Life

✅Suitable for the Home, Office, Warehouse, etc

✅Reliable protection, Certified by Vds, LPCB and EN14604

✅High Quality Material, Eco-Friendly & Flame Retardant

87. BeerBubbler - Achieve the Perfect Beer Foam Every Time

✅Ultrasonic Electric Beer Foam Maker Server

✅Light-Weight Portable Design

✅Easy To Use One Button Foam

✅Fit Most Conventional Beer Cans

✅Daily Drinks, Party, Indoor & Outdoor

✅Advanced EMS technology

88. SenseSleep - Rest, Recharge, & Repeat on this Ergonomic Pillow

✅Adjustable to Your Preferred Height

✅Memory Foam Comfort Design

✅Truly Washable & Ventilated Prevent Dustmite

✅Stretchability and Elasticity

✅Formaldehyde Free and Eco-Friendly

✅Hypoallergenic 4D Breathable Mesh Design

89. DiamondSmile - Offers a Rapid Route to a Dazzling Smile

✅Portable teeth whitening kit with blue LEDs – no batteries needed

✅Travel-friendly kit, can be used anywhere

✅Revolutionary and smart technology for teeth whitening – approved by the FBA

✅Easy and fast to use, the device can be configured quickly

✅Whiter and healthier teeth with long-lasting results

✅Can be connected to iPhone, Android phone and any phone with a USB port

90. Video DoorBell - Answer And Monitor Your Front Door From Almost Anywhere, With This Video Doorbell

✅Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, No Wiring Needed

✅HD Video Quality, Answer Your Door & Watch at Any Time and From Anywhere

✅Long Lasting Battery Life, 8-12 Months Use on a Single Charge

✅Smart Security Motion Detection Alert Your Phone if Someone Hovers Around Your House

✅Two-way Audio With Noise Cancellation. See, Hear & Speak to Anyone at Your Door

✅Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

91. SonicX PRO - Will give you the smile of your dreams

✅45,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute, Sonic Technology is 100X More Powerful then Manual Brushing

✅4 Intelligent Brushing Modes: Clean, Soft, Whitening, and Massage mode for your gums

✅Brushing Timer: 2-minute smart-timer and 30-second intervals to switch areas of your mouth

✅Extra-Long Battery Life: Two weeks of Regular Brushing

✅SonicX PRO ’s Best ever Toothbrush for the most Exceptional Clean and Complete Care

✅Lightweight, Waterproof and Durable to be used at Home or on the Go.

92. EcoHeat - The World's Most Complete Portable Heater Fan

✅Fast, Effective & Powerful Indoor Personal Heating

✅Our Safest Heater Yet, No Fast Spinning Blades & Automatically Shuts Off When Tipped Over

✅Precise Heating, An LCD Display Smart Thermostat Maintain Your Chosen Room Temperature

✅Portable Design, Small and Easy to Carry. Enjoy at Work, Home, etc.

✅Ceramic Plates Technology Result in a 2 Seconds Heating Time

✅Adjustable Power Mode, Low-Heat 600W or High-Heat 1200W

93. NanoSecure - Increase Your Security With The Easy To Use Fingerprint USB Reader

✅Protect your privacy better than the password method

✅Sign-in to Windows with just your fingerprint, no need to remember complex passwords

✅Fastest identification in the world, recognising your biometrics in 0.15 second.

✅Compatible with Windows Hello, Windows 10/8/7 computers and platforms

✅Compact Design, Small and easy to carry. Use at Work, Home, etc.

✅Advanced 360° all-round detectable Fingerprint Algorithm, uses Biometric Technology

94. SmartLight - The world's most complete lightbulb

✅Work With IOS, Android, Alexa & Google Home Assistant

✅Scheduled Timer, Wake Up and Sleep Time

✅Wifi Easy Installation, Group Control & Scenery Setting

✅Energy Efficient & 14 Years Lifetime

✅Transform Your House into a SmartHome

✅16 Million Colors Range

95. EcoTouch - Will Save You Money On Your Water Bills

✅Water savings of up to 48%

✅Reduce your water bills

✅Closes the taps for you automatically

✅Reduces the risk of accidental flooding

✅EcoTouch does not require professional installation

✅Contribute to the environment by saving water

96. Mosquitron - Electronic Mosquito Lamp

✅Safe, powerful and easy to use

✅Easy to operate: Powered by USB

✅Smart control

✅Easy to clean

✅Compact – can fit in a variety of different spaces

✅Mobile – can be used on trips

97. NeckRelax - Ideal self-traction device

✅Install it in seconds and enjoy quick relief from neck pain

✅Just hang it on a door handle or on a pole

✅Feel the clouds in minutes

✅The neck vertebra unit performs a gentle, safe pull until the pain is gone

✅The hammock for the neck naturally relieves spinal pain

✅A portable solution for neck pain

98. iTrack GPS Car Tracker - Rest easy and never worry about your car being stolen ever again

✅Real-time location tracking

✅Speed ​​monitoring

✅Advanced GPS device for tracking vehicles

✅Track history and schedule tracking

✅Works with Android and iPhone

✅Works with all vehicles from 1996 production onwards

99. Smart Car - Prevent Car Repair Scams

✅Find out what the problem is with your car in an instant!

✅Real-time updates on vehicle performance

✅Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

✅Next-generation technology for communication between car and smartphone!

✅Free and easy-to-use app

✅50% off

100. Android 360 Camera - Turn your Android smartphone into a virtual reality camera with Hyper360

✅F2.0 lens + 210 ° double fisheye lens

✅Photo mode: photos / video

✅Video: 30fps

✅Weight: 26.5 g

✅Video resolution: 2560 * 1280

✅50% off

101. DroneX - See the world from new heights. Take pictures and videos from the sky

✅480P resolution

✅Working time 8 minutes

✅Battery and charger included in the package

✅Control range of 70 meters

✅Weight only 85 grams

✅50% off


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